From Couple to Child

2x1h - 65€


I will accompany a couple wishing to conceive life, from maternity to post-partum.
Pregnancy is an important step in a woman’s´ life. Ayurveda helps prepare the body six months before conceiving with a strengthening therapy in order to favour a couple’s fertility or to purify growing energy.
This therapy is in two steps. The first step consists in cleansing the body and the second in reinforcing its immunity.
This type of counselling is quite natural and appeases pregnancy.
Throughout nutritional advice, massages and yoga..., a balanced state of mind sets in, thus allowing harmonious development and birth.

1h - 65€
5 massages package - 300€


A specific massage with Lukewarm oil given to the pregnant woman from the 4th month.
Throughout the pregnancy, this massage is allied to the well-functioning of the digestif system.
It fights against stretch marks, pains due to change of state (i.e. heaviness in the legs, emotional disorders and blood circulation) and relieves tension. But it also facilitates the widening of hips. In a general manner this cure allows one to prepare oneself both mentally and physically for the coming of a new being.

Garbhvati comes into action starting from the second trimester of the pregnancy.
A fee of ten seances as of from the fourth month (six during pregnancy and four post-partum / 10% off).

In order to find ones´ balance after giving birth, Ayurveda privileges the association of massages to certain nutritional advice.
All of these cares favour the gaining back of ones´ energy, it also seeks problems linked to post-birth and enables better breast feeding.

20min - 25€


Massaging of the newly born (up to 2 years of age) with Lukewarm oil.
Expands the sensorial development of the baby, the link with its´ parents and reinforces immunity.
The massaging of a baby is a ritual that will accompany the young being in its self-discovery.

Three close-up seances of twenty minutes each are recommended.

45min - 50€

Abhyanga for children (up to 12 years old)

An Abhyanga massage adapted to the physical and emotional development of a child. The aim of this massage is to support and balance the body and the mind. It favours sleep, relaxation reinforces immunity.
In India, the massage takes place from birth (even in utero during the massages of the pregnant mother).