Summary, massages & treatments

The massages and treatments are practiced in accord with Ayurveda, in all simplicity. The products used are unproccessed and for most come from organic farming.

The presentation of both massages and treatments in accord with Ayurvedic principles is not exhaustive. Although it is possible to ask for a specific care, it is highly recommended to define, together, what is best for your constitution.

The stimulating actions of massages and various treatments on different focal points (Blood, lymphatic, digestive) and the usage of nourishing or drying substances may be indicated concerning your constitution and your health.

By its healing powers, a therapeutic massage in accord with Ayurvedic principles differs from a massage based upon relaxation. It heals illnesses affecting the organism. This factor allows the massage to come to terms with many physical and psychological pains. This type of treatment is adequate for all ages, from children to seniors.

Different packages are possible. Do not hesitate to contact me.

2h - 65€

Ayurvedic health summary

  • State of imbalances and determination of your constitution;
  • Objective of the summary;
  • Recommendations in hygiene of life, food, plants, pranayamas, yoga, care ...

45min - 35 €

Summary follow-ups

Support in changing lifestyle and eating habits with recommendations and practices.
The duration of the follow-up and the frequency of the appointments vary from one person to another.
Follow-up is necessary to initiate the change and optimize the result.

1h - 65€
1h30 - 85€


(Literally meaning massage in sanskrit) is THE traditional Indian massage with Lukewarm oil. In Ayurveda, it is used as an essential treatment, playing an important role in a good life hygiene.
Received regularly, it harmonises body and mind. It strengthens, purifies, relaxes the whole of the body, liberates the toxins, unblocks vital energy (prana), stimulates, reinforces immunity, ameliorates sleep and blood circulation, appeases muscle and mind, loosens tissue, skin and articulations as well as supporting one's metabolism.

30min - 35€


Marma therapy and massaging of the face and skull.
Energetic treatments that equilibrates the nervous system.
The marma points concentrate our vital energy, Digipression stimulates or appeases the energy Fluxus.
In the long run, this treatment prevents headaches, improves sleep, memory and concentration capacities. It also prevents the loss and whitening of hair and replenishes facial skin.

1h - 80€

Shiro-abhyanga + shirodhara

A massage and Marma therapy (Energy points) of the skull, the face and the neck followed by a Shirodhara.
A shirodhara purifies the mind and produces a state of calm and equilibrium. An efficient treatment for insomnia, stress, headaches, ocular illnesses, dizziness and favours the blood circulation of the brain. It eliminates tiredness, the absence of vitality and depression.
A cure of five cares is recommended in order to optimise the effects.

50min - 50€

Pada-abhyanga with a kansu boll

Massaging of the lower legs and feet with ghee (clarified butter), Marma therapy of the feet and a care with a Kansu boll (an alliance of copper – absorbs excess heat, zinc – acts on our muscular composition and bronze – catalyzes both metals).
It is an energetic treatment that effects the circulation of energy throughout all organs.
It reduces irritability, anger, anxiety, insomnia and stress.
The care is also known to regulate body temperature.

50min - 55€

Back care

A hot oil bath to appease a specific part of the body, eliminates tension and penetrates in depth.
Kati basti (oil bath on the back) reinforces the muscles and ligaments that support the spine.
It acts as a lubricant for the articulations, sooths lumbago, undoes the vertebral column and the compression of the sciatic nerve. Very efficient in the case of an inflammation.

30min - 40€

Basti of the heart

A hot oil bath at heart level, eliminates tension and penetrates in depth.
Relieves and soothes heart problems and emotional disorders.

1h30 - 125€

Abhyanga + shirodhara

An Abhyanga massage followed by a Shirodhara (continuous line of Lukewarm oil on the forehead).
Shirodhara is a subtle treatment that targets the nervous system by multiplying the brains oxygen Fluxus. It has nutritive and relaxing effects.
It calms emotional disorders, nervousness, Angst, stress, concentration problems, mental exhaustion, dizziness, headaches and favours sleep. Shirodhara calms mental agitation. If regularly received, this treatment works on mental structures and trapped emotions.

1h30 - 95€

Abhyanga + Takradhara

A variant of the Shirodhara technique that consists in pearling a line of milk on the forehead. This corresponds to people who are subject to anger or who are of a Pitta excess.

1h30 - 85€

Marma therapy

Marmas are the 108 vital points where energy (prana) and ones' conscious circulate. They are subtle crossroads whose state may have a considerable effect on our health. Toxins, stress, negative emotions and illnesses can root themselves in such areas and can stay for an imprecise amount of time. Pain is a frequent aspect of bad energetic circulation. The stimulation of these energetic zones is done by digipression. In accord with the desired result, it is quite possible to focus on only one precise location at a time like the head or feet...
This care debuts with an Abhyanga followed by a focusing upon approximately seven Marmas by séance in order to balance out ones' natural functions.

40min - 40€

Acupressure (marma therapy)

Manual stimulation of certain vital and energetic points.

1h30 - 85€
local application 45min - 60€


An energetic application of Ayurvedic plants that favour the blood circulation and the stimulation of bodily functions. This is followed by an oiled massage.
This treatment cleanses the skin in depth, thus giving it back it's supple and pure aspect.
It is beneficial for the body’s rounder parts. It eliminates the excess fat and water and has an effect on irritability, tiredness, Oedemas and cholesterol...

1h45 - 120€
local application 45min - 60€

Navrakizhi (bags of rice milk/plants)

An oiled massage all over the body and dragging pression, followed by the usage of rice milk bags.
This treatment rids one of chronic knotted rheumatism and articulatory problems.
Navrakizhi replenishes bodily and muscular tonus, reinforces the nervous system and nourishes any dry skin.

1h45 - 120€

Podikizhi (bags of spices and plants)

An oiled massage all over the body and dragging pression, followed by the application of medicinal herb bags.
This treatment diminishes any inflammations and ameliorates the circulation.
Podikizhi soothes articulatory and muscular stiffness. It also improves flexibility and mobility.

30min - 30€


An Ayurvedic purification of the nasal tunnels.
It has a direct effect on the central nervous system. This treatment is liable in case of migraines, ocular illnesses, sinusitis, hay fever and neuralgic pains of the face.
Ones' spirit is positively influenced and sleep improves.