About me

Véronique Sicaud
Ayurvedic Practitioner & Yoga of Sound Teacher

My name is Véronique Sicaud, I came in this world in 1978 by caesarean section. Only daughter, I develop a close contact with nature.
I discovered the ancestral Native American wisdoms at puberty and began Hatha-Yoga when I came of age.

I begin high school history / geography, where I study the history of the body, religions, and dreams of travel! I meet the father of my children and from this union are born two treasures that I raised full time the first years of their life. The birth of each of my children is an opportunity to visit old traditions, which have proven to be very modern, for mother and children.

In 2015, I finish my training in Ayurveda. My family life suddenly changes, so I undertake a conscious process of healing the soul. The road leads me to India for the first time, 6000m above sea level, having only one wish, pick up my star.
I complete my apprenticeship by specializing in couples, pregnant women and children in 2016 and training in marmatherapy in India in 2017.

This inner journey leads me to experiment with various traditional and ancient medicines, from Filipino healers to Colombians. During the internship, I explore shamanism, magnetism, floratherapy, the family constellation ... I deepen my knowledge and skills with Vaidya Manan Soni. Today, I am accompanying in Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher of Sound.

Training in both India and France

  • October 2019 : The Following of Panchakarma steps - Bhawani Center, Vaidya (Dr) Soni, Bir, Himalachal Pradesh, India
  • 2017 : Professor of Yoga of Sound - Centre National de Formation des professeurs de Yoga du son, Patrick Torre, Ardillieres, France
  • February 2017 : Yoga (training) - Sivananda Ashram, Kerala, India
  • January 2017 : Marmatherapy (Study of Vital Points, manual and energy treatment) - Ayurveda nursing home, Ayurtoday Sri Guruvayurappan, Vaidya (Dr) Neenu Shankar, Kerala, India
  • March 2016 : Taimabhyanga (Couples, maternity and mother/child massages) - Ecole Gayaveda, Caroline Henry, Tours, France
  • July 2015 : The Following of Panchakarma steps - Namlang-Himal village, Vaidya (Dr) Chandel, Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • 2013-2015 : Ayurvedic Counselor/Consultant - Ecole Gayaveda, Caroline Henry, Tours, France
  • April 2012 : Flora therapy (Pacific Essence Level 1) - Sabina Pettitt, Limalonges, France

«  Love is the ultimate meaning of everything that surrounds us. It is not only a feeling; it is the truth, it is the joy that is the essence of all creation. » Rabindranath Tagore